Working with Raw LVM Disk Images

Mounting disk images on Linux is fairly straight forward, however an image with a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) partition requires a little more attention. The first thing I do is find out some information about the image(s):

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Slackware LVM over LUKS

This is mostly a post to document my process of setting up Full Disk Encryption (FDE) using the Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) and the Logical Volume Manager (LVM). Most major distributions already enable this process at installation, however Slackware… Read More ›

Using NetworkManager with DNSMasq and Slackware

dnsmasq on Slackware 14.2 is compiled without D-Bus.

The logs show NetworkManager trying to start dnsmasq, but failing:

After downloading the source files and SlackBuild resources from a Slackware Mirror, validate the GPG¬† signature using the provided .asc… Read More ›