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  • Tracking SSH Brute-force Logins with Splunk

    If you manage servers with OpenSSH access, you have no doubt been subject to the barrage of ssh brute-force attempts that occurs across the internet. Some administrators deal with this by either changing the default port (security by obscurity), utilizing… Read More ›

  • Raspberry Pi Centralized Log Server

    Setting up a Pi to be a centralized log store is amazingly simple. If you are using Raspbian it comes with¬†rsyslog¬†installed by default, so all that’s left is to setup the config and tailor log rotation. First you should create… Read More ›

  • ELF Binary Disassembly

    Let us take a tour through a disassembly dump of an ELF binary and see if we can reverse engineer it. The following output is a result of:

    The reader is assumed to be familiar with the above… Read More ›

  • IBM M1015 9220-8i cross-flashed to LSI 9211-8i IT mode

    Flashing a raid card to a different firmware takes about five minutes, however if you have never done it before, the research process can be an order of magnitude higher. I spent about a day parsing all the blogs, forum… Read More ›

  • Scams in the Crypto Coin Space

    If you are involved with crypto currency you are bound to be exposed to a scam or two at some point, much like the Nigerian scams that prey on fiat money. I was looking at my twitter feed and noticed… Read More ›

  • Running an Authoritative DNS Server

    I have been running my own Domain Name Server for several years. Some people argue the merits of doing such a thing when you can just put it in the “cloud”, but I enjoy managing DNS with all the flexibility… Read More ›

  • Michael Edie (tankmek)

    So I figured it was about time I started my foray into the blog-o-sphere. Hold your beer while I get organized and squeeze content out to the masses.